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“John Haste shares my conservative values, and he gets things done. He defends the unborn, fights for the Second Amendment and always stands for freedom.”
— U.S. Senator James Lankford
“John Haste’s support of law enforcement and prosecution (of criminals) has been above and beyond. I can trust and rely on my friend Senator John Haste.”
— District Attorney Jack Thorp
“John Haste is a strong supporter of small business and common-sense economics. I am proud to support his re-election and his return to Oklahoma City to continue fighting for our community.”
— U.S. Congressman Kevin Hern
“Like Donald Trump, Senator Haste backs the blue, and understands that the Constitution is our guide for the rule of law. We in law enforcement stand with and for law and order candidate John Haste and support him for re-election.”
— Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado
“John Haste’s background has been about leadership and accountability. There are many challenges facing the state and Senator Haste has the vision of what needs to be accomplished, and an understanding of how to move forward. He always acts with integrity, caring and thoughtfulness.”
— Dr. Clarence G. Oliver, former Superintendent of Broken Arrow Schools

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Get involved in the campaign to re-elect John Haste to the state Senate. Volunteer your time, put a sign in your yard or support him on social media.

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